Jax Spencer
Name in Japanese ジャックス=スペンサー
Rōmaji Translation Jakkusu Supensā
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 12
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Classification Sergeant
Affiliation/s Information Alliance
Status Deceased

Jax Spencer (ジャックス=スペンサー Jakkusu Supensā) is a sergeant in the Information Alliance's Sd Independent Assault Logistical Support Unit.[1]


A spencer is a cocktail comprised of apricot brandy, gin, orange juice and dash bitters.


Jax's appearance is mostly unknown but he is described as young.[1]



Jax's background is largely unknown, other than that he was part of the Sd Independent Assault Logistical Support Unit (Sd独立強襲後方支援部隊 Sd Dokuritsu Kyōshū Kōhō Shien Butai) and with them accepted the mission they were assigned without knowing about the infection base in Second Venice. They were to remain on standby to lend the intelligence team hidden in Second Venice firepower should they mess up and need to retreat (which as Heivia jealously noted, meant they could take the day off unless it was an emergency, which would happen once a year at best).


0.01mm WarEdit

Jax's unit was present at Second Venice in the aftermath of the devastation caused by the Appetizer Asteroid and ended up trapped after the blockade was set up. After piecing together information regarding the island's infection base and the unknown pathogen (actually Argeiphontes) introduced to it, his unit attempted to take over the Pillar of Truth in order to use the threat of transmitting information to force the main unit to help them. A battle occurred between them and members of the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion, and after being left as the only survivor of his group, Jax divulged what he had learned about the infection base to Heivia Winchell.[1] Jax was then killed when the Gatling 033 fired on the observation deck. The only remains Heivia could see afterwards were a foot in a boot torn off at the ankle, caught on a twisted window frame.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a sergeant in the Information Alliance army, Jax can be assumed to have had a certain degree of the skills required of a soldier.[1]


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