James Honeymoon
Name in Japanese ジェームズ=ハネムーン
Rōmaji Translation Jēmuzu Hanemūn
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 10
» Personal Info
Age Middle aged[1]
Classification Filmmaker
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom

James Honeymoon (ジェームズ=ハネムーン Jēmuzu Hanemūn) is a middle-aged filmmaker from the Legitimacy Kingdom.[1][2]


A Honeymoon cocktail is a drink based on brandy and liqueur.


Not much is known about James Honeymoon's appearance but his body type is apparently the sort which doesn't fit with his high-strung complaining voice.[2]


James Honeymoon is someone prone to complaining, apparently far too much for one of his age.[2] He apparently belives in filming everything with practical effects instead of CGI.[1][2]


The Outer GodsEdit

The 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion cooperated with James Honeymoon in the shooting of his latest film while they were preparing to execute an operation against the Crown of the Northern Lights in the White Sea District. They were considerably fed up with it and him by the time they received the go-ahead for the operation.[1][2]


  • While complaining, James Honeymoon was described as speaking in a voice considerably too high-strung for his body type.[2]


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