The Iguazu District (イグアス方面 Iguasu Hōmen) is a blank area,[1] located in South America.


As a blank area, the Iguazu District is not under the control of any one of the four main world powers.[1]


An Audition WarEdit

The Mass Driver Conglomerate passed through the Iguazu District on their way to the Amazon District. The Legitimacy Kingdom's 37th and 52nd moved to intercept them and came under fire from the conglomerate's Object, Lisolette. The 52nd's Bright Hopper was destroyed and members of the battalion attempted to blow up the Iguazu Dam as part of their plan to get revenge for their commander, but Heivia managed to stop them long enough for Quenser to help the Baby Magnum destroy the Lisolette.[2]


  • Iguazu Dam

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