Hyena (強盗集団 (ハイエナ) Gōtō Shūdan (Haiena)) were an armed group who were targeting transport ships in the Loyauté District.[1]



It isn't known exactly when Hyena emerged, though they were known to be taking advantage of the transport of goods through the Loyauté District during the restoration of Oceania.[1]


Theoretical VeinEdit

At some point, while he was on the run from Valkyrie, Roybelz Oldnick made contact with members of Hyena, possibly due to their theft of goods running to and from Oceania, actions which would support his plan in collaboration with the Capitalist Corporations to drive down the price of platinum in Oceania, or to protect himself against Valkyrie.[2]

The 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion was ordered to carry out a suppression operation against Hyena and proceeded to utterly destroy the group.[1][3]


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