Hornet Storm
Name in Japanese ホーネットストーム
Rōmaji Translation Hōnettosutōmu
Codename/s Hornet Storm (LK)
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 7
» Technical Specifications
Classification Antipersonnel Large-scale Precision Artillery Weapon for Urban Invasion
Type 1st Generation Amphibious (Informally Generation 1.5)
» History
Affiliation/s Capitalist Corporations
Status Active

Hornet Storm (ホーネットストーム Hōnettosutōmu) (Legitimacy Kingdom codename, real name unknown) is a Capitalist Corporations Object.[1]


The Hornet Storm has a giant spherical main body supported by an air cushion propulsion device. The back of the Object is covered by several giant metal panels that look like a rounded version of peacock feathers.[2]


The Hornet Storm is a first generation Object, though it's informally designated as a 1.5 generation. Unlike any other Object, the Hornet Storm was developed to attack large cities. It lacks a main cannon, and it's armed with 100 secondary anti-personnel laser beam cannons. When fighting another Object, it uses its peacock feathers to refract and reflect all of its lasers to create a concentrated attack on a single point of the enemy’s armor.[2]

Even if its weapons are known as “small” laser beam cannons, that is in reference to Object-sized weapons. A single shot has the destructive power to easily melt a tank or shoot down a fighter. Each of the 100 cannons can accurately target anything in a five-kilometer range and it can penetrate any obstacle to utterly destroy its target. In a single action, it can accurately and precisely eliminate 100 enemy soldiers. The Hornet Storm is thus capable of being sent into both battlefield and safe countries, and target guerrillas or terrorists trying to use a civilian population as a shield.[2]


  • Class: Antipersonnel Large-scale Precision Artillery Weapon for Urban Invasion
  • Type: 1st Generation Amphibious (Informally designated as Generation 1.5)
  • Length: 75m
  • Armor Material: 2.5cm x 200 layers (Including welding impurities)
  • Propulsion Engine: Air cushion propulsion device
  • Top Speed: 550km/h
  • Main Armament: None (Substitute system that focuses 100 laser weapons)
  • Secondary Armament: 100 x Laser beam cannons
  • Main Color: Silver


The Police of GhostsEdit

The Hornet Storm was the Object sent by the Capitalist Corporations to help the Information Alliance's Simple is Best fight the 37th's Baby Magnum. Quenser and Heivia saw it patrolling the EX Wall barricades during their infiltration.[2]

Sometime later the Hornet Storm engaged the Baby Magnum in battle. Their battle caused the ground to collapse, causing Quenser and Lisa Deauville to fall into an old storage base that had been buried by the sand.[3] Shortly afterwards, the news of the Simple is Best approaching to join the fight caused Lisa to try to create a distraction by using a flare. Once the Hornet Storm's sensors detected the flare it shot several laser beams at her. The laser beams missed but the shockwave took Lisa's right arm.[4] After the Simple is Best was destroyed, the Hornet Storm withdrew after being damaged since the Capitalist Corporations had nothing to gain from continuing the battle.[5]


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