The anime adaptation of Heavy Object was first released on Blu-Ray and DVD in Japan in eight releases between December 2015 and July 2016. Each of these initial releases contained three episodes of the anime and a chapter of Heavy Object EX: The Three Sisters who Pull In a God of War.

List of ReleasesEdit

Image Title Release Date Notes
BD1 Cover
1 December 23rd 2015 Features Episodes 1 - 3 and Heavy Object EX Chapter 1.[1]
BD2 Cover
2 January 27th 2016 Features Episodes 4 - 6, Heavy Object EX Chapter 2 and a Character Song CD (Quenser/Heivia).[2]
BD3 Cover
3 February 24th 2016 Features Episodes 7 - 9, Heavy Object EX Chapter 3 and Audio Drama 01.[3]
BD4 Cover
4 March 23rd 2016 Features Episodes 10 - 12, Heavy Object EX Chapter 4 and a Character Song CD (Milinda/Froleytia).[4]
BD5 Cover
5 April 27th 2016 Features Episodes 13 - 15, Heavy Object EX Chapter 5 and a Baby Magnum key-ring.[5]
BD6 Cover
6 May 25th 2016 Features Episodes 16 - 18, Heavy Object EX Chapter 6 and an Original Soundtrack CD.[6]
BD7 Cover
7 June 22nd 2016 Features Episodes 19 - 21 and Heavy Object EX Chapter 7.[7]
BD8 Cover
8 July 27th 2016 Features Episodes 22 - 24 and Heavy Object EX Chapter 8 and Audio Drama 02.[8]

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