Name in Japanese ハルピュイアイ
Rōmaji Translation Harupyuiai
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 5
» Technical Specifications
Classification Multirole fighter aircraft
Type VTOL fighter plane
» History
Affiliation/s Faith Organization
Status Active

The Harpuiai (Harpuiai(ハルピュイアイ) Harupyuiai) is a VTOL fighter aircraft used by the Faith Organization.[1]


The Harpuiai uses the same basic frame as the Legitimacy Kingdom's S/G-31.[2]


The Harpuiai is a multirole fighter with VTOL capability. It can travel at Mach 2, and its machine gun fires 4000 bullets per minute. The cockpit includes goggles that allow the pilot to use eye movement to control the plane. Additionally, the goggles display various readings such as speed, altitude and direction, and combine the information from the plane's radar with the actual scenery. Instead of using an oxygen mask it has a headset-like attachment that extends a tube into the mouth. The pilot also has a small microphone that can be attached to their throat for communication purposes.[3]

Ramil Scofflaw, the leader of Athletica, used a modified Harpuiai, equipped with a microwave armament that weaponized Olympia Dome's power generation satellite. The satellite followed Ramil's fighter, which was set up to receive the microwaves, transform them into electric power, and then emit microwaves of its own using an oscillator. Since the power built up in the craft, the microwaves were even more powerful than the ones sent from the satellite.[4]

Specifications - Standard ModelEdit

  • Class: Multirole fighter
  • Height: 5.5m
  • Length: 17.1m
  • Width: 13.1m
  • Weight: 25.3t (Full weapon load)
  • Propulsion Engine: Greek faction army factory-made PrometheusV x 2 (VTOL variable thrust model)
  • Top Speed: 2550km/h (With use of afterburners)
  • Armament: Short-range air-to-air missile x 12, 400kg bomb x 2, 20mm machine gun x 1, optical wavelength jamming pod x 2, electromagnetic jamming pod x 2
  • Crew: 1 pilot.
  • Main Color: Gray

Specifications - Modified modelEdit

  • Class: Multirole fighter
  • Height: 5.5m
  • Length: 17.1m
  • Width: 14.3m
  • Weight: 25.9t (Full weapon load)
  • Propulsion Engine: Greek faction army factory-made PrometheusV x 2 (VTOL variable thrust model)
  • Top Speed: 2430km/h (With use of afterburners)
  • Armament: Microwave receiving plate x 2, microwave radiation device x 2, 20mm machine gun x 1
  • Crew: Ramil Scofflaw
  • Main Color: Gray


The Harpuiai was designed by an engineer who defected from the Legitimacy Kingdom, due to a patent issue over the shape of the jet engine's vector thrust nozzle paddle.[2]

At some point in the past, Mariydi Whitewitch flew one after stealing it in the Northern European Restricted Zone.[3]


Purge of TechnopicsEdit

Several Harpuiais, disguised as Legitimacy Kingdom S/G-31s, were used by Athletica during their attempt to destroy the Technopics,[1] including a modified model made to weaponize the Ocean Substation's microwaves which was used by Ramil Scofflaw.[4] Mariydi Whitewitch also made use of one while fighting to stop them.[3]


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