The Halberd is a suppresion weapon used by the Legitimacy Kingdom.


The Halberd is a large weapon that looks like a two meter version of an Island Nation jitte. Attached to both of the branching ends there are two explosive “plates”, much like the parabolic antenna for a satellite broadcast, that function as directional landmines. The short end has a concave one made for broad-range anti-personnel attacks. Upon detonation, the plastic explosive attached evenly to the surface and the 800 small metal balls meant to further increase the explosive power fill everything in a fan shape, covering 120 degrees in front of the wielder. The long end has a convex one made for single-point anti-tank attacks that focuses the explosion into a thin spear-like blast to pierce even powered suits. After using a plate the user can attach a replacement to reload the weapon. Due to its large size, the weapon is wielded by soldiers using a powered suit.[1]


0.01mm WarEdit

Quenser, Heivia, Catherine and Evans are given powered suits and Halberds for their mission to Second Venice's infection base.[1]


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