Forest Roller
Name in Japanese フォレストローラー
Rōmaji Translation Foresutorōrā
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 2 (reference only)
Volume 6
» Technical Specifications
Type Second Generation Object
» History
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
Status Active

Forest Roller (フォレストローラー Foresutorōrā) is a second-generation Legitimacy Kingdom Object, operating in the Amazon District.[1]


Nothing is known of the Forest Roller's design.


Nothing is known of the Forest Roller's technology, but as a 2nd Generation Object it can be presumed to be an advanced specialized Object.


An Audition WarEdit

The Forest Roller was undergoing scheduled maintenance, so it was unable to help the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion with their operation against the Mass Driver Conglomerate, who had invaded the Amazon District. Since the equipment of its maintenance base was specialized, it also couldn't give them spare parts for the Baby Magnum's cannons or propulsion device, which had been damaged during the fight with the Lisolette.[1]

The Coming of Third GenerationEdit

The Forest Roller, being the Object of the Amazon District's standing defense unit, accepted Quenser and Heivia's request for assistance against the Broad Sky Saber. However, it was hit and heavily damaged on its way to the combat zone by the Broad Sky Saber's true main cannon, a high output laser cannon located in space. The damage rendered the Forest Roller unable to move or help in the fight against Dimiksy.[2]


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