Flying Fish
Name in Japanese フライングフィッシュ
Rōmaji Translation Furaingufisshu
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 10
» Technical Specifications
Classification Armed hovercraft

Manned missile

Engine/s Rocket motors
Speed 880 kph
Primary Armament Suicide explosion
Secondary Armament 20mm gatling guns

80mm multiple rocket launchers

» History
Affiliation/s Crown of the Northern Lights
Status Destroyed

The Flying Fish (フライングフィッシュ Furaingufisshu) is a type of hovercraft equipped with rocket motors developed by the Crown of the Northern Lights.[1]


The Flying Fish look like a hovercraft with rocket motors, though they have several pieces that should be unnecessary for an armed hovercraft.[2] They have a makeshift canopy on the top to protect the human body from the overwhelming winds.[3]


A Flying Fish is a hovercraft equipped with rocket motors, allowing it to skim a few dozen centimeters over the surface at 880 kph. They are armed with 20mm gatling guns and 80mm multiple rocket launchers.[1] The rocket motors are not advanced enough to adjust their thrust, so the Flying Fish can't adjust its speed.[4]

Its actual purpose is not that of an armed hovercraft, and the guns and rocket launchers are not its primary weapons. Instead, the Flying Fish is designed to charge into the enemy's maintenance base zone and detonate its rocket motors to cause the most damage possible, acting as a manned missile.[3] When a Flying Fish is destroyed by enemy fire they also create a large explosion.[2]

The Crown of the Northern Lights created the Flying Fish by jury-rigging parts from a number of blueprints since they couldn't recreate the design for an invisible stealth bomb brought to them by Yog-Sothoth.[5]


The Outer GodsEdit

The Crown of the Northern Lights, made several Flying Fish in their factory hidden in the White Sea District, though they only managed to finish forty-eight of them before the 37th's attack on their factory interrupted their operation.[1] The factory workers used the finished Flying Fish to launch a suicide attack on the Legitimacy kingdom's base as part of a plan to psychologically attack the Baby Magnum's Elite, Milinda by exploiting a flaw on her combat conditioning. The 37th tried to combat this by sending out its tanks and armored trucks to fight alongside their Object as a stopgap measure.[3]

The Flying Fish were stopped by Quenser, Heivia and the other soldiers who had assaulted the factory by using one of the enemy's own Rafflesias to shoot an Elefish at their boss Newsmaker.[6] The electromagnetic pulse fried the electronic systems of the manned missiles.[7]


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