Floor Heater (床暖房 Tokodanbō) is a giant charged sheet which is designed to be layed as a trap to interfere with the movement of some Objects.[1]


The Floor Heater is a giant charged sheet that produces a large amount of static electricity in order to disrupt Objects that use static electricity propulsion devices, thus stopping their movement. Additionally, a substance can be added to the sheet to neutralize the static electricity repellant used by Objects to a certain extent.[1]

The Floor Heater uses explosion generators. A giant magnet is placed in the center of a long coil, and a powerful high voltage current is created all at once by firing it at extremely high speed. This can only create electricity once, but is necessary for the system since a normal battery wouldn't be able to create enough energy to stop an Object.[2]

In normal conditions this trap alone is quite worthless, as the Object can just blow away the sheet using one of its smaller cannons without damaging itself. However, it can be used in combination with an allied Object by immobilizing an enemy Object for anywhere from a few seconds to a dozen seconds and allowing the allied Object to destroy it much more easily.[1]


Sandy Short Program >> Second Oceanina StruggleEdit

The Floor Heater system is laid as a trap for the Faith Organization's Aphrodite. A counter attack left it unfinished, forcing Quenser and Heivia to finish preparing it before the Baby Magnum drew the Aphrodite to the trap.[1]

The Aphrodite ultimately detected the trap thanks to its numerous advanced sensors and Quenser and Heivia could only avoid death thanks to the sandstorm caused by the Baby Magnum saving the 9th platoon.[3]

Judgement -195℃Edit

During the strategy meeting with Froleytia to destroy the Flywaway, Quenser remarked that they couldn't use a system like the Floor Heater to immobilize it because they wouldn't be able to transport it using the small smuggling tunnels of Lost Angels' mountains.[4]


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