Flag Eggnog
Name in Japanese フラッグ=エッグノック
Rōmaji Translation Furaggu Eggunokku
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 11
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Age Middle-aged
Classification Prince
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
Eggnog Family
Status Deceased

Flag Eggnog (フラッグ=エッグノック Furaggu Eggunokku) was the 1st prince of the Warta District's royal Eggnog family and a member of the Legitimacy Kingdom's royal council.[1]


An eggnog is an alcoholic beverage, made from a mixture of whipped eggs, milk and spirits such as brandy or rum.


Flag was described as a greasy and chubby middle-aged man.[1]


Flag was a stupid and conceited individual, seeing himself above all others as a royal. He showed little concern for others and deliberately stirred up trouble which would lead to many deaths in order to cover for his own gaffes.[2][3]


In the past, Flag made many gaffes as a member of the royal council and the royal Eggnog family, with many believing him to be unfit for his position.[1] In order to divert attention from his gaffes, he had secretly engineered trouble between the Winchell and Vanderbilt families on at least twenty-one occasions.[4] In the process of planning these distractions, he made contact and collaborated with several sisters of the Information Alliance's Martini Series.[5]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

As the 37th were preparing for the operation against the Laser Cracker 001 at the Cape of Good Hope, while trying to find something online to entertain Azureyfear Winchell, Quenser ended up bringing up a video of a new conference where Flag was claiming the drug wars only exist in spy movies, nonsense spread by weak-willed youths and that addicts abusing Colorful Vanilla were clinging to conspiracy theories to blame their problems on the military and government. His statement was of course met with fierce opposition from many groups and individuals, and protests outside the palace, with many believing he should be removed from his position.[1]

When Azureyfear Winchell's Destruction Fes carried out an attack on the Celestial Flowers in an attempt to kill the Vanderbilt's daughter, which Flag had intended to use to cover up his earlier gaffe, Flag himself was onboard the Rose & Lily and found himself in the firing line. He attempted to have his pawns capture the Vanderbilt daughter but she evaded capture with the help of Karen I Winchell and the Winchell maids. Being betrayed by the Martini series, Flag grew desperate and was eventually confronted by the Vanderbilt's daughter on the deck of the ship. With his fiancé in danger, Heivia Winchell arrived and fought a 'duel' with Flag, killing him.[6]

Following the incident, details concerning the events surrounding Flag's death were covered up.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Flag Eggnog had considerable influence as the first prince of a royal family, however he was lacking in sword and gun-wielding skills, and intelligence.[6]


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