Eyecatches (アイキャッチ Aikyatchi) are short segments marking the start or end of separate parts of an episode. This article includes a list of the various eyecatches found in the Heavy Object anime and where they are used.

Part 1 SpecificationsEdit

The eyecatch at the ending of Part 1 is a profile of an Object with schematics and statistics, similar to the profiles appearing in the novels. It is usually accompanied by the short theme Eyecatch B.[1]

Image Object Episodes
Baby Magnum Specifications
Baby Magnum Episodes 01, 03, 09, 10, 13, 17, 22 & 24
Water Strider Specifications
Prometheus/Water Strider Episode 02
Tri-Core Specifications
Tri-Core Episodes 04 & 05
Gatling 033 Specifications
Gatling 033/Rush Episodes 06, 07, 15, 16 & 23
Generation 0
Generation 0.5 Episode 08
Bright Hopper Specifications
Bright Hopper Episode 11
Break Carrier Specifications
Lisolette/Break Carrier Episodes 12 & 14
Wing Balancer Specifications
Archangel/Wing Balancer Episodes 18 & 19
Indigo Plasma Specifications
Indigo Plasma Episodes 20 & 21

Part 2 IllustrationsEdit

The eyecatch at the beginning of Part 2 is an illustration featuring various characters, sometimes of a humorous nature. It is usually accompanied by the short theme Eyecatch C.[1]


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