Eric Kingsvalley
Name in Japanese エリック=キングスバレー
Rōmaji Translation Erikku Kingusubarē
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Heavy Object EX
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Classification Soldier
Affiliation/s Faith Organization
Status Active

Eric Kingsvalley (エリック=キングスバレー Erikku Kingusubarē) is a soldier of the unit attached to the Faith Organization Object Norn.[1]


A King's Valley is a whisky-based cocktail made from scotch whisky and lime juice.


Eric is described as a young man.[2]


Eric loyally serves as a soldier of Faith Organization, though he is shown to have awareness and doubt regarding the circumstances behind his faction and the conflict.[3][4][5] Like other members of his unit, he refers to the Norn's Elites with the title 'Saint'.[6]


The Three Sisters who Pull In a God of WarEdit

Following the initial battle between the Baby Magnum and Norn in Madagascar, Eric was among the many soldiers left behind and taken prisoner by the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion. During the night, he helped Quenser Barbotage, Elfily Classic and Skuld Silent-Third in order for them to survive the Draupnir attack on the base.[7][6]

Rejoining his unit after the Baby Magnum lost the second round to the Norn, Eric was present when Urd and Verdandi carried out Quenser's interrogation, and learned of Skuld's true nature as a serial killer.[3][4] He later talked with Quenser about it before the group from the 37th infiltrated the base zone and rescued him.[8]

During the final battle between the Baby Magnum and the Norn, Eric was part of a group releasing barbed wire coils upriver to snare the Baby Magnum's float, but was troubled by thoughts concerning Skuld. One of his colleagues, Neil, then received the distress signal from the ejection sequence, leading Eric to realize that Skuld had usurped control of the Norn.[5] After Skuld was captured, Eric, Urd and Verdandi saw her to say goodbye as she was drugged into a vegetative state.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a soldier, Eric can be assumed to have a degree of knowledge concerning the use of firearms and other military subjects.


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