"The Coal Mine Littered with Stacks of Money: The Kamchatka Peninsula Nighttime Blitz, Part 2" is the eighteenth episode of the Heavy Object anime, first aired on February 13th 2016 and included in the sixth Blu-Ray and DVD release.[1]


Major EventsEdit

  • Quenser Barbotage and Charlotte Zoom regain consciousness and enter the coal mine. Meanwhile, Westy and Cookman are killed when the Wing Balancer shows up and jumps over their team. Heivia Winchell and Myonri survive and also enter the mines.
  • The Wing Balancer engages the Baby Magnum in battle near the coast.
  • Quenser and Charlotte discover the mine is a diamon mine. Similarly, Heivia and Myonri find out the mine is not a military mine and actually belongs to a Faith Organization anti-war group that sympathizes with the Legitimacy Kingdom. After the two groups have a tense encounter, they gather all the info they've got and realize the Legitimacy Kingdom has been lured to attack the mine by the Faith Organization in order to get rid of the anti-war group for them.
  • As the groups starts moving to ressume their sabotage mission, Nutley attacks them using a mining powered suit, grabbing Quenser's head with one of the suit's hands.






Adapted from: Heavy Object: Global Shadow Chapter 2 Parts 6 - 11

Differences in AdaptationEdit

  • The initial scene of the episode before the opening is almost completely original, with Monica's complaints being taken from a later scene with Froleytia.[2]
  • In the novel, the possibility of the Wing Balancer having a bridge building device is a suggestion the team comes up with as they try to guess how it's planning to cross the cliff, not a speculation of the 37th's analysts.[3]
  • In the novel, Heivia and Myonri survive the Wing Balancer blasting them with its air cushion while jumping over them because they got inside the coal mine's entrance in time (in Heivia's case) or are launched into it by the blast (Myonri's case).[3]
  • In the novel, there's a short exchange between the Wing Balancer's Elite and the Faith Organization's control center when the Elite prepares to trick the Baby Magnum into taking the battle near the mine.[4]
  • In the anime, the battle between the Wing Balancer and the Baby Magnum is shown instead of being shortly described by the narration from Froleytia's point of view.[2] The scene with Froleytia discussing the battle with Milinda and Monica commenting on it are also original.


  • Eyecatches:
    • Part 1: Wing Balancer's schematics
    • Part 2: Froleytia and Milinda preparing Valentine's chocolate

Voice CastEdit

Quenser Barbotage Natsuki Hanae
Heivia Winchell Kaito Ishikawa
Milinda Brantini Eri Suzuki
Froleytia Capistrano Shizuka Ito
Monica Rumi Okubo
Charlotte Zoom Saori Oonishi
Myonri Kaede Hondo
Cookman Kaku Yamamoto
Westy Yuna Yoshino
TV Crew Hiromichi Tezuka
Soldier Shinsuke Sugawara
Operator Junichi Yanagita
Woman Marie Ōi


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Unverified Track
2 Never Gave Up Opening Theme
3 Unverified Track
Eyecatch B [5] Part 1 Ending
Eyecatch C [5] Part 2 Opening
Unverified Track
Ending Theme
Unverified Track Preview Theme


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