The tenth episode of the Heavy Object anime, first aired on December 12th 2015 and included in the fourth Blu-Ray/DVD release.[1]


Major EventsEdit


New CharactersEdit





Adapted from: Heavy Object: An Audition War Chapter 2 Parts 1 - 5

Differences in AdaptationEdit

  • Quenser's initial narration in the anime about aircraft carriers and their current role in the world ruled by Object is instead part of Froleytia's conversation with the Charlemagne's captain in the novel.[2]
  • In the novel, Milinda doesn't pay attention to Quenser, Heivia and Froleytia's discussion about pole dancing, nor does she offer to pole dance when Froleytia mentions she also knows how to do it, as she's not interested in erotic stuff. Thus the scene with her breaking the pole and soaking Quenser and Heivia is anime-original.[3]
  • In the novel, Milinda uses the Baby Magnum's anti-air lasers to try and shoot down the railgun shells being fired on the 37th's landing group. Also, the one who informs Milinda that no signs of human activity are detected in the mountain and gives her the go to blast the railgun batteries is Quenser, not Froleytia.[4]


  • Eyecatches:
    • Part 1: Baby Magnum schematics
    • Part 2: Milinda pole-dancing.

Voice CastEdit

Quenser Barbotage Natsuki Hanae
Heivia Winchell Kaito Ishikawa
Milinda Brantini Eri Suzuki
Froleytia Capistrano Shizuka Ito
Ayami Cherryblossom Mari Yokoo
Halreed Copacabana Ryota Takeuchi
Captain Atsushi Ono
Communication Soldier Hiromichi Tezuka
Soldier Haruki Ishiya


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Unverified Track
2 One More Chance Opening Theme
3 Unverified Track
Eyecatch A [5] Part 1 Ending
Eyecatch B [5] Part 2 Opening
Unverified Track
Dear Brave Ending Theme
Unverified Track Preview Theme


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