Elizabeth Schnozzle
Name in Japanese エリザベート=シュノズル
Rōmaji Translation Elisabeth Shunozuru
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 12
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Active

Elizabeth Schnozzle (エリザベート=シュノズル Elisabeth Shunozuru) is the daughter of the president of an Information Alliance tourism company.[1]


A schnozzle is a cocktail comprised of dry gin, dry vermouth, dry sherry, orange curacao and absinthe.


Elizabeth is described as a beautiful woman with brown hair and plentiful bodylines, wearing a blood-red dress, apparently with a design too youthful for her. Her taste in clothing and makeup has apparently not yet left the category of "girly", creating an imbalance with her body.[2][3]


Similar to her tastes in clothing, Elizabeth displays the short temper of a young girl.[2][3]


Elizabeth's company helped to develop Second Venice, however after the island's popularity exploded, the corporate group's power balance was thrown off, leading to them losing their place in the group. They tried a number of different developments in areas along the Mediterranean to take back some of what they had lost, but for most of it they kept falling into the red. As a result, they developed a hatred for Second Venice.[4]

Two years ago, after sneaking off to Athens for some fun, Elizabeth was caught in a riot resulting from a janitors strike and exposed to the gas weapon Argeiphontes used to suppress them. She was able to survive by paying a large sum of money, enough to buy half an Object, to the developer Hermes Pharmaceuticals in exchange for an antidote.[5][4] Afterwards, she drew in customers to the casinos she visited by acting as a goddess of fortune after her 'miraculous' survival.[5][6]

At another point, Elizabeth's faction bought a red tiltrotor helicopter to take her to and from a desert island near Malta which she was planning to make her own private beach. After the plan stalled (to her displeasure) due to Second Venice freely moving round near the area and the beach being a little too much in the public eye, she started using the luxury helicopter as her own personal transport.[4]


0.01mm WarEdit

In August, during the events surrounding the devastation and blockade of Second Venice, Elizabeth was present at the nearby Olive Garden.[4] On the fifth day, after Catherine Blueangel was infected with Argeiphontes, Quenser, Heivia, Myonri and Evans slipped past the Gatling 033's blockade to seek out Elizabeth and extract the location of the antidote from her.[4] After burning her oil assets and preventing her escape by helicopter, they interrogated her on who she received the antidote from and she pointed them towards Veneto Dandelion.[2][3]


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