The Elefish is a type of electromagnetic pulse weapon.[1]


The Elefish is a meteorogical weapon used as an electromagnetic pulse weapon.[1] It looks like a 10 cm wide and 90 cm long shell.[2] The shell is fired into the sky, scattering a ton of metal foil in the clouds to induce consecutive lightning strikes on a level never seen in nature. It can cause about twenty seconds of sustained discharge, creating an electromagnetic pulse over an area of ten kilometers, destroying any semiconductors and blowing away an entire city's infraestructure.[1]

Of course, modern military hardware is built with countermeasures for electromagnetic pulses. Their cables are shielded and some of their semiconductors are inside vacuum tubes. Objects in particular will never have their internal circuitry fried because they were created for absolute victory over the nuclear age.[1]

The Elefish's prototype had been presented in a weapons show a few years previous to the events of Heavy Object, but there had been no news about the weapon since then. How the Crown of the Northern Lights stole the design is unknown.[1]


The Outer GodsEdit

Quenser, Heivia and the other 37th's soldiers found and Elefish inside the Crown of the Northern Lights' weapons factory.[1] Later, they use one of the enemy Rafflesias to shoot the Elefish at the enemy leader, frying away his and his subordinates's Flying Fish's circuits.[3]


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