EX Wall
Name in Japanese EXウォール
Rōmaji Translation EX u~ōru
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 7
» Technical Specifications
Classification Mobile barricade
» History
Affiliation/s Capitalist Corporations
Status Active

The EX Wall (EXウォール EX u~ōru) is a mobile barricade used by the Capitalist Corporations.


An EX Wall is a mobile barricade, which looks similar to a large truck. Instead of a container on the back of the truck, it has what looks like a cylinder lying on its side. Both the front and the back of the vehicle have what looks like a driver’s compartment.[1]

When the EX Wall is deploying the driver’s compartments on both sides of the vehicle begin moving in opposite directions and the metal cylinder in the middle expands like an accordion. In no time at all, it forms a giant spring-like barricade seven meters thick and three hundred meters long made of barbed wire.[1]

Barbed wire can be used as a tool to prevent intruders, but it can also be laid out on the ground in coils to wrap around tank treads and armored vehicle tires. However, the EX Wall isn't simple barbed wire. The coil of barbed wire is made to break into pieces if it receives a powerful shock such as from a bombardment, and each individual piece functions as an anti-personnel mine. A single truck has somewhere between two and three thousand mines. This is what gives the vehicle its name, EX for explosion.[1]

While the mines are of course no threat to an Object, the EX Walls are intended to be used to restrict an enemy Object's movements. The war treaties forbid indiscriminately laying or scattering mines, as it goes against the image of clean wars. The Capitalist Corporation can weasel their way out of it in the international conference room by playing word games and saying their enemy is the one that scattered them.[1]


The Police of GhostsEdit

While it was allied with the Information Alliance in Oceania, the Capitalist Corporations intended to use ten EX Walls to restrict the Baby Magnum's movement and allow the Simple is Best to easily destroy the Legitimacy Kingdom's Object.[1]


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