Draupnir (ドラウプニル Doraupuniru) is a Faith Organization project aimed at creating genetically engineered food insects.[1]


Draupnir is a gold ring owned by Odin which has the ability to multiple itself by nine every ninth night, giving Odin an unlimited source of wealth.


The Draupnir project's aim was to developed a food source which would never run out, in order to wage war more easily. The subjects produced by the project are bell crickets which have been genetically modified in order to increase their breeding and growth rates. The modification process apparently involved intentionally damaging some of their chromosomes with chemicals and crossbreeding them for generation after generation. Due to the damage to the genes of the insects, they are more unstable and vulnerable to external stimuli, which are more likely to damage the chromosomes and kill them through cellular breakdown.[1]



The Three Sisters who Pull In a God of WarEdit

Following the initial nighttime battle with the Norn in Madagascar, the 37th's base zone was attacked by a swarm of crickets produced by the Draupnir project.[2] Initially mistaken for normal brazen bugs, the true nature of the insects came to light as the 37th and the Faith Organization POWs struggled against the swarm.[1] The crickets were eventually exterminated by a radio wave burst from the Baby Magnum,[3] though some survived to attack several POWs which fled in the confusion.[4]


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