The Don Chicago Can Opener is a full-auto shotgun used by several groups in Heavy Object.


The Don Chicago Can Opener is a full-auto shotgun, an automatic assault rifle-like weapon with a short barrel and thick magazines. The model is capable of firing normal shotgun shells, slugs and rubber riot-control rounds.[1]

The model is known more for its use by the mafia and other criminal organizations than for its use on the battlefield. The mafias had acquired military models and switched the shotgun shells for powerful slugs that gave them enough destructive power to slice apart a bulletproof luxury car at close range, becoming notorious during their use in the abductions of several political VIPs who were cracking down on drugs. It's infamous enough that even someone unfamiliar with wars and guns like Quenser had heard of it.[1]


Dominion 70%Edit

The jailers of the Legitimacy Kingdom political prison Château de Rouge are armed with Don Chicago Can Openers.[1]


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