A Cursor (カーソル Kāsoru) is a device used by the Legitimacy Kingdom.

Principles Edit

A Cursor is a infrared sensor device that is directly linked to an Object's lock data, allowing the Object to bombard the target with an almost 100% possibility of hitting.[1] Cursors can be laid out as a trap, constructing an invisible laser net;[1] or they can be carried by infantry as a weapon attachment.[2]

A Cursor looks like a cylinder 5 cm across and 10 cm long mostly made of reinforced plastic.[1]

Chronology Edit

Theoretical Vein Edit

Quenser and Heivia set up numerous Cursors in a Loyauté District's forest during the 37th's mission to crush the criminal group known as Hyena. They used these Cursors to target a nearby enemy tank.[1]

The 37th's soldiers that rescued Quenser and Heivia from the armed group had Cursors attached to their weapons which they used to point out targets for the Baby Magnum's indirect bombardment.[2]

References Edit

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