The Crown of the Northern Lights (極光冠) was a group that instigated an incident in the Arctic White Sea District, in order to trigger the emergence of the Sixth Branch.[1]


The group possessed a weapon factory in the White Sea District, used to produce weapons from stolen blueprints and information, selling them to other terrorist groups, including the Tundra Tigers, Woodstock, and the Traitorous Apostle.[2]

However their technological level wasn't enough to produce the "invisible bombs" from Yog-Sothoth's stolen blueprints.[2][3][4] Instead, they produced the Flying Fish, an armed hovercraft meant to be used as a manned missile in a suicidal attack to wear down an enemy's psyche, with about forty-eight being made before their operation was interrupted. They also possessed Rafflesia anti-aircraft guns and Elefish EMP weapons.[1]


The Outer GodsEdit

As the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion carried out an operation against the weapons factory, Newsmaker directed the rest of the Crown of the Northern Lights in carrying out his suicidal plan to bring about the emergence of the Sixth Branch, despite Yog-Sothoth's attempts to dissuade him.[3] The members of the Crown of the Northern Lights boarded the Flying Fishes and made use of them in kamikaze attacks against the Baby Magnum, with Newsmaker joining them after destroying vital assets in the factory.[4] However, Quenser Barbotage was able to convince Yog-Sothoth to give the 37th back access to their satellite network, and using a Rafflesia and Elefish from the factory, was able to knock out the Flying Fishes' circuits, stopping Newsmaker and his men without killing them to prevent the establishment of the Sixth Branch.[1]



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