Crown Shark
Name in Japanese クラウンシャーク
Rōmaji Translation Kuraunshāku
Codename/s Crown Shark (LK)
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 8
» Technical Specifications
Type Second Generation Object
» History
Affiliation/s Capitalist Corporations
Status Destroyed

Crown Shark (クラウンシャーク, Kuraunshāku) (Legitimacy Kingdom codename, real name unknown) was a Second Generation Capitalist Corporations Object.[1]


The Crown Shark is a representative Capitalist Corporations Second Generation Object. It is known for its container-style multiple railgun known as the shark's tooth. Rather than taking careful aim, the Crown Shark creates an area of complete destruction over 30 degrees across a surface from left to right, for a distance of 10km. Though it can only attack three times in this way, it is said that no Object can outdo it when it comes to destroying the enemy, with not even an Object being able to escape destruction if it enters the Crown Shark's attack range.[1]

The Object is also equipped with anti-air lasers.[1]


Dominion 70%Edit

Following the sinking of the Ame-no-Darin and the discovery that a new Object was being constructed there, the Crown Shark was dispatched to fight the New Model, despite the poor favorability of the match-up. After failing to reach the New Model, 1500 meters below the surface of the ocean, with its main cannon and attacking the remaining forces fleeing on high-speed boats, perhaps in hopes of luring it to the surface, the Crown Shark was attacked from below the surface by the New Model's powerful laser cannon. In response, its confused Elite took repeated quick evasive actions, occasionally forcing the Crown Shark's anti-air lasers to fire downwards. As the unilateral attacks continued, the Crown Shark began to retreat but as it paused, it was skewered from below by the laser and exploded.[1]


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