The Crocodile is a gatling gun used by the Legitimacy Kingdom.


The Crocodile is a 7.62mm ground support gatling gun used by the Legitimacy Kingdom. It can change its rate of fire using variable gear. At its highest setting, it can shoot 8000 bullets per minute.[1]


The Coming of Third GenerationEdit

While stationed in the Cook Islands and forced to use up ammunition in target practice, Heivia demanded to be given a Crocodile to finish the task faster.[2]

The Outer GodsEdit

During the 37th's cooperation with a film director making an alien invasion movie, Heivia gives covering fire to Quenser and the main actor of the movie using a Crocodile mounted on a transport helicopter.[1]

The ten-man hovercrafts used by the 37th during the assault on the weapons factory in the White Sea District were armed with a Crocodile.[3]


  • In its first appeareance in Volume 6, the Crocodile is stated to be a 30mm gatling gun.[2] Given that Volume 10 identifies it as a 7.62mm, it is probable that this was a mistake that was later corrected.


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