The Craft Salamander III is a type of cruise missile, used by Oceanian forces.[1]


A salamander is a type of amphibian with a lizard-like appearance, associated with fire in legend.



Theoretical VeinEdit

An anti-Object terrorist group attempted to use a Craft Salamander III missile in an attack on the city where the Baby Magnum was stationed, with the intention of wiping out the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion's crew and base zone before moving on to the Object. They armed the missile with a custom incendiary warhead, expecting it to be shot down over the city. Having discovered their plan, Heivia Winchell and Royce managed to create an explosion, the flash and smoke from which prevented the missile from checking the terrain for its guidance system's course corrections, sending it over the desert where it was destroyed by the Speed Killer.[1]


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