The Cook District is a safe country and territory of the Legitimacy Kingdom located in the South Pacific.[1]


The Cook District experiences summer year-round, with temperatures reaching around 40 degrees.[2]

Cook Addition IslandsEdit

The Cook Addition Islands (クック追加諸島 Kukku Tsuika Shotō) are a collection of islands, developed around one of the small islands on the edge of the natural archipelago. Artificial islands similar to offshore oil platforms are dotted around the central island with giant bridges connecting the individual islands, apparently similar to the Information Alliance's Miami. The soldiers live on a single island with the majority of the islands being used as Object testing grounds or supercomputer storage areas.[2]

The islands are also where some of the most famous designers in the Legitimacy Kingdom are gathered. They are protected by an elite force known as the Night Edge Platoon, as well as four second-generation Objects.[2]

It is also a location where soldiers which the higher ups want retired, for whatever reason and in a way which doesn't cost them money through severance pay, pensions and the like, are sent. They are given tasks such as using up spare ammunition by shooting targets out to sea, just enough work to justify the minimum wage. The idea is that with safety, comfort and little to do, their skills, mind and body will slow and become rusty, and they will come to not to want to go back to the battlefield. There are apparently three patterns for people sent to the islands in this way; to continue the futile struggle against growing rusty, to think of retiring before the rust reaches their core, or to accept it and just enjoy themselves with taxpayer's money.[2]



The Coming of Third GenerationEdit

In January, Quenser and Heivia were transferred away from the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion to the Cook Addition Islands, supposedly because their antics had exceeded what Froleytia could put up with,[2] but really because she thought they needed a break from the constant battles with Objects she been putting them through.[3]

After meeting the Object designer Claire Whist, Quenser began to suspect from her behavior that she was cooperating with an enemy power, together with the Night Edge Platoon (actually Unicorn).[4][5] As the two were taking action, Heivia was attacked by a Pteranodon and eventually brought it down.[6] In actuality, Claire was performing a sting operation, which she completed after subduing Quenser.[7] Afterwards, Quenser and Heivia were transferred away due to the trouble they'd caused.[8]


  • Cook Addition Islands

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