Colorful Vanilla (カラフルバニラ Karafurubanira) is a psychedelic drug derived from lysergic acid.[1][2]


An ergot alkaloid lysergic acid derivative, Colorful Vanilla is named because it causes people to get so high that even pure white vanilla is filled with psychedelic colors.[3] It apparently has a cloyingly sweet smell from a vanillin-like impurity which it gains during creation.[4]

There was a major increase in the distribution of Colorful Vanilla, due to the actions of Azureyfear Winchell, who had ergots cultivated to produce materials for the drug, which were then made into Colorful Vanilla by the Information Alliance and used to attack the Capitalist Corporations.[2] The rapid increase in the number of addicts in the Capitalist Corporations, with Colorful Vanilla having worked its way into of a third of the home country's population, left hospitals and prisons overloaded and caused the 7th Core to consider a Home Treatment Proposal that would relax the standards for who could be treated at home and in the process, put people on the streets at risk from the actions of hallucinating addicts.[3][5]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

The 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion were deployed to carry out a rescue for a transport plane shot down in the Rio Grande District by Sky Blue, however when Quenser and Heivia reached the plane, they discovered ergots cultivated in order to produce the materials for Colorful Vanilla. Members of Black Uniform Special Platoon 15, involved in the drug war, attempted to erase the evidence with white phosphorous grenades, but were killed before they could do so or reveal the mastermind.[1]

Not long afterwards, the 37th were deployed to the Cape of Good Hope to deal with the Laser Cracker 001, intending to use the Object's optical sample analysis capabilities to help them identify the source of the drug. After the enemy Object's destruction, it was revealed that Azureyfear Winchell was behind the creation and distribution of Colorful Vanilla in cooperation with the Information Alliance, who had provided her with an Object from the funds raised by drug sales, which she intended to use to wipe out the Vanderbilt family.[2]


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