The Cluster Brain (クラスターブレイン Kurasutāburein) is a piece of spyware used by the Legitimacy Kingdom.[1]


The Cluster Brain is officially a special high-speed server built for the Legitimacy Kingdom’s cyber operations. The truth is that the Cluster Brain is a 45.5 kilobyte piece of spyware slipped into the base OS for the smartphones and tablets sold in safe countries. The excess processing power of over seven hundred billion devices is parallelized and used for analysis work and cyber warfare. Due to its nature, official permission is required to use it.[1]


The Outer GodsEdit

During the assault on the Crown of the Northern Lights' weapons factory, the 37th's cyber warfare divison got permission to use the Cluster Brain to hack into an enemy clone satellite that was causing interference on the Legitimacy Kingdom's satellite network, but Yog-Sothoth had hid a virus in the clone satellite, which infected the cracking system and used it to enter the Legitimacy Kingdom's database, stealing their Object's emergency shutdown codes.[1]


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