Cinderella Wizard (シンデレラウィザード Shinderera Uizādo) is a secret unofficial unit operating in the Northern Restricted Zone.[1]


Cinderella is a folk tale about a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances, which are changed to remarkable fortune.


Cinderella Wizard is an unofficial unit which takes in orphans in the Northern Restricted Zone, a region noted to have a tendency to give rise to qualities in them desired for Object Elites, and tests them for potential Elite candidates. Any suitable candidates are shipped off to safe countries to be made into Elites.[1]

Among the people profiting from the unit's actions were the masterminds behind the later plot to destroy Valhalla; Mike Nightcap, Recess Bloodhound, Hayato Blackrose and Uver Derbyfizz.[2][1][3][4]


At some point, Nancy Jolly-Roger made use of her position as a midpoint between an operator and hacker to mess with the group's data and open up a hole to allow children to escape from its clutches, and opened an orphanage in Valhalla's Sacred Forest to raise them.[1]


Girl's Fight at an Altitude of 10,000mEdit

Several of the events concerning the plot to destroy Valhalla were influenced by the actions of the unit and Nancy helping orphans to escape from them, with the masterminds behind the incident having profited from Cinderella Wizard's activities.[1][3][4]



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