Name in Japanese チャールズ
Rōmaji Translation Chāruzu
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 17
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 3
Voice Actor (Japanese) Daiki Yamashita
Voice Actor (English) Clifford Chapin
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Classification Battlefield student
Affiliation/s 37th CMB
Status Deceased

Charles (チャールズ Chāruzu) was a battlefield student, working with the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion.[1]


Charles was described as a skinny white boy.[1]


Charles was described as clammy and shy.[1]



Global ShadowEdit

Charles was part of the support group during the nighttime attack on the mine on the Kamchatka Peninsula.[1] He was killed by Nutley who betrayed the group and put the operation in jeopardy.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Charles' primary specialty was Object communications software, being involved in the creation of the interference software that was to be used during the nighttime operation on Kamchatka Peninsula, and apparently had hacking skills better than anyone in the 37th's electronic simulation department.[1]



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