Celestial Flowers (セレスティアルフラワーズ Seresutiarufurawāzu) is the world's largest ocean fireworks festival, held in the South Atlantic Ocean.[1]


The week-long fireworks display is mostly to provide entertainment to wealthy nobles,[2][3] though popular opinion is manipulated to avoid public outcry.[2] The display of wealth and capability, similar to deep sea exploration and the race to the moon in the past, could be argued to be a form of wartime PR, but this is nothing more than a pretense for the nobles to enjoy and maintain their opulence.[2]

With the event taking place in the South Atlantic Ocean, the ships present at the festival are gathered around the two-hull luxury cruise ship, Rose & Lily, which acts as a lodging ship for the nobles attending the festival. Spread out around it are many ships belonging to firework craftsmen and around five hundred civilian ships, with over a hundred thousand civilians in attendance.[1][2][3]

Among the events planned for Celestial Flowers was a collaboration with the civilian space station Princess Nikolaschka, using an anti-debris railgun-type safety device to bend a stream from the solar winds into the ionosphere and produce an artificial aurora together with the fireworks.[3][4][5]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

In July, as the Celestial Flowers was underway, Azureyfear Winchell and her faction attempted to use her personal Object Destruction Fes to assassinate the daughter of the Vanderbilt family who was at the festival, threatening to cause a bloodbath in the process.[1] The Object protecting St Helena, the Oceanic Driver, fought to delay the Destruction Fes's progress and protect the civilians at the festival, sacrificing itself to buy as much time and information as possible.[1] During the subsequent battle, the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion made use of the artificial aurora and the festival's fireworks against the Destruction Fes.[5][6]


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