Name in Japanese 艦長
Rōmaji Translation Kanchō
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 10
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 2
Voice Actor (Japanese) Atsushi Ono
Voice Actor (English) Cole Brown
» Personal Info
Age Almost 60 years old[1]
Classification Naval captain
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom

The Captain (艦長 Kanchō) is an unnamed man who serves as the captain of the Legitimacy Kingdom assault landing aircraft carrier Charlemagne.


The captain has white hair[1] (gray in the anime) with a thick beard and wears a white naval uniform.[2] He carries a short, fat pipe, of the sort said to be preferred by Western detectives.[1]


An Audition WarEdit

During the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion's operation against the Mass Driver Conglomerate in the Iguazu District, the captain and his ship Charlemagne assisted in their landing on the coast.[1][2] They also assisted as the 37th was preparing to conclude their operation in the Amazon District.[3]



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