Cannon 256
Name in Japanese カノン256
Rōmaji Translation Kanon 256
Codename/s Catapult Cargo (LK)
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 7
» Technical Specifications
Classification Versatile Precision Artillery Weapon
Type 2nd Generation specialized in land battles
» History
Affiliation/s Information Alliance
Status Destroyed (1st)

Cannon 256 (カノン256 Kanon 256), also known by the codename Catapult Cargo (カタパルトカーゴ Kataparutokāgo), was a Second Generation Information Alliance Object.[1]


The Cannon 256 can be presumed to have a 50-meter spherical main body like most Objects, with an electrostatic propulsion device on the bottom and armed with over 100 weapons.


The Cannon 256 is a second generation Object armed with a coilgun that uses special container-style shells. The Object can put whatever it wants inside the shells. It can also use a powerful acid spray to dissolve an Object’s armor, as well as a low-stability plasma cannon’s gas and a large scale battery, or it can use a COIL combination.[2]

Its main role is long-distance bombardments.


  • Class: Versatile Precision Artillery Weapon
  • Type: 2nd Generation specialized in land battles
  • Length: 80m
  • Armor Material: 5cm x 200 layers (Including welding impurities)
  • Propulsion Engine: Electrostatic propulsion device
  • Top Speed: 550km/h
  • Main Armament: Switching-container coilgun x 1
  • Secondary Armament: Low-stability plasma cannons, railguns, etc
  • Main Color: Black


The Police of GhostsEdit

The Cannon 256 was one of the Information Alliance Objects in charge of scanning cargo ships in Oceania. The Information Alliance had a secret arrangement with Blue Bottle's group to not scan their human trafficking ship Mistral marked with the Information Alliance's flag.[3]

The Cannon 256 was one of the four Objects sent by the world powers to fight the MIB's Early States, but it was destroyed by the enemy Object's attack.[4] Quenser and Heivia searched for one of its missed shots to gather info about the Early States' defense system.[2] Later the Cannon 256's unexploded ordnance was used in their manipulation of the Early States' pilot, causing his death when he tried to move the Early States at high speeds.[5]

Due to the comments of Wraith Martini Vermouthspray's assistant that the Cannon 256's Elite had managed to eject safely and that they had a later model from the same line prepared, it can be assumed the Cannon 256 was rebuilt after the battle.[6]


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