Boy Racer (ボーイレーサー Bōirēsā) is a hard rock band.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


The members of Boy Racer were all from the Northern Restricted Zone and different world powers. As a result, they had to take stage names to hide their real names, but dreamed to one day play a world tour without hiding their names[5] Their major debut song was titled Crack Life and they used the ruined city of Asgard for the jacket photo of their major debut album.[7]

Boy Racer became world-famous and apparently had more money than they knew what to do with, but as they were pacifists and hid satirical criticism of war in their lyrics,[5][6] the higher ups of the Capitalist Corporations deemed them a threat. Their manipulations led to the members becoming addicted to white powder, psychologically destabilizing them, and the honey traps led to unfixable cracks in their marriages. As a result of the mounting pressure, some of the couples began to see their own children as a burden and ended up abandoning them.[6] The daughters of Blaze Mojito; Eleanor and Necleka, as well as the children of the guitarist, bassist and drummer, would come to be among the children who were rescued by Nancy Jolly-Roger from the clutches of Cinderella Wizard and raised in the orphanage in Valhalla's Sacred Forest.[5][6]


Girl's Fight at an Altitude of 10,000mEdit



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