The Blue Cross (青十字 Aojūji) is the world’s largest medical humanitarian organization.[1]


The Blue Cross is an international medical humanitarian organization. They head to Antarctic and the jungle to find samples of deadly bacteria, give money to groups researching nanotech medicine, provide food to civilians in battlefield countries,[1] manage refugee camps[2] and all sorts of other things.

International law bans any attack on a Blue Cross facility.[3]


The Police of GhostsEdit

When Quenser and Heivia's group went to investigate the facility Quenser and Lisa had found during the 37th's previous battle with the Simple is Best and the Hornet Storm, they saw several Blue Cross trucks near the ruins from their helicopter. However, the trucks were actually armored trucks used by mercenaries working for the MIB, disguised as the Blue Cross. The armored trucks shot down their helicopter using surface-to-air missiles hidden in the trucks' canopies and used their machine guns to pin down the survivors of the crash.[1]

The Outer GodsEdit

During the Soberania Disturbance, the Blue Cross was the only organization allowed to act in the Panama Canal. The Blue Cross ran a refugee camp for people displaced by the conflict and helped to maintain the gates and pumps of the canal.[2]

After the fallout between Quenser and Heivia over what to do with Nyarlathotep, Quenser's initial plan was to bring the spy to the Blue Cross, so as to avoid being killed by both the Capitalist Corporations and the Legitimacy Kingdom, and to get Nyarlathotep to an international court.[3]


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