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Black Uniform Charlotte Zoom

The Black Uniforms (黒軍服 Kuro Gunpuku) are a type of special agent in the Legitimacy Kingdom's military.


The Black Uniforms, named after the distinct uniforms they wear, are agents from an independent agency at the center of the Legitimacy Kingdom military that are in charge of barrier duty. This originally meant they prevented soldiers from retreating in battle, but the meaning of barrier duty changed over time and now they act as supervisors of the battlefield. They make sure soldiers don't commit crimes, prisoners are treated well and that no problems crops up during missions.[1]

Their role is similar to the military police, but black uniforms act as an external third party in case the MPs go out of control. Black uniforms have the right to exact barrier duty within any unit whenever they want. Under certain circumstances they have the right to take emergency measures if the offender does not obey their restraint order and can restrain anyone regardless of rank as long as they are official soldiers and combat personnel.[1]

Several units of the Black Uniforms specialize in certain areas. For example, Special Platoon 15 specializes in the area of drug wars,[2] although that particular unit became involved in the drug wars themselves.[3]


Global ShadowEdit

Black Uniform Charlotte Zoom was involved in the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion's mission on the Kamchatka Peninsula.[4]

The Police of GhostsEdit

Several Black Uniforms participated in the 37th's training exercise in Oceania.[5]

Dance with Noble SisterEdit

After performing a surprise inspection of the 37th in the Rio Grande District ahead of Azureyfear Winchell's visit,[6] members of the Special 15th assisted the battalion during their rescue mission for the downed transported plane,[7] though they were actually planning to wipe them out along with the Colorful Vanilla materials and the evidence of the drug war. They were thwarted and silenced by Azureyfear who personally sniped them.[3][8]



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