Bilany Saronno
Bilany Saronno
Name in Japanese バイラニー=サローノ
Rōmaji Translation Bairanī Sarōno
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 11
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 2
Voice Actor (Japanese) Minami Takahashi
Voice Actor (English) Anastasia Munoz
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Classification Corporal
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom

52nd C.M.B.

Status Active

Corporal Bilany Saronno (バイラニー=サローノ Bairanī Sarōno) is a member of the Legitimacy Kingdom's 52nd Mobile Maintenance Battalion.[1][2]


Bilany has long brown hair tied in a curling tail hung over her left side and wears a military uniform.[2]


Bilany has little care for the well-being of non-Legitimacy Kingdom subjects, being willing to kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians in an attempt to get revenge for her superior's Object being destroyed.[1][2]


An Audition WarEdit

Following the destruction of Bright Hopper, Bilany and other members of the 52nd, attempted to get revenge of the Mass Driver Conglomerate through a plan to destroy the Lisolette, proposing it to members of the 37th. As the plan involved destroying the Iguazu Dam and flooding the district, Froleytia Capistrano refused to go along with it, though Bilany considered it an acceptable sacrifice. Going through with the plan regardless, Bilany and her group moved to the dam but were stalled by Heivia Winchell long enough for the Baby Magnum to destroy the Lisolette its own way.[3]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Bilany is the leader of the front lines scouting unit of the 52nd Mobile Maintenance Battalion, a unit at the bottom of the 52nd that heads to the battlefield before the Object to gather intelligence and set the foundation for the base.[1] As a member of the military, she has experience handling guns.[4]



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