The Background Unit was a unit of the Legitimacy Kingdom military, tasked with off-record missions.[1]


The Background Unit doesn't have any official designation as it doesn't officially exist. Its unofficial name comes from the unit's purpose to melt into the background and carry out dishonorable missions.[2]

The unit has a high mortality and replacement rate.[2]



The Coming of Third GenerationEdit

Following the incident at the Cook Addition Islands, Quenser and Heivia were transferred to the Background Unit and participated in Operation Christmas Boot in the Athabasca District. The mission was to transport secret materials from a downed obsolete stealth bomber,[2] but was actually a means for a Legitimacy Kingdom lieutenant colonel to secretly pay a bride of lithium ingots to the Information Alliance.[3] Most of the unit's members were killed during the operation,[4] though the duo managed to exact revenge on the lieutenant colonel that had ordered them to their deaths by melting down and making off with the lithium, leading to the Information Alliance's Snipe Laser 051 shooting down the officer's transport plane.[5][6] After falling foul of Unicorn again, Quenser and Heivia were transferred out of the Background Unit to the Amazon District.[7]



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