Athletica (アスレティカ Asuretika) were a group from the Faith Organization's Greek region, who sought to destroy the Technopics and restore the Olympics to their original form.[1]


Athletica despises how the spirit of the Olympics, a peaceful festival which brought people together and allowed them to forget the boundaries of language, religion, nationality, and race between them, if only for a short while, has been lost in the emergence of the Technopics, with the result being a depraved festival of death, full of proxy wars and development races between arms manufacturers, textile material science companies and pharmaceuticals, without any trace of wholesome sportsmanship found in the original festival.[1]

As such, Athletica seeks to restore the original form and spirit of the Olympics created by their ancestors from Greece. In order to do so, they wish to utterly destroy the Technopics, the massive amounts of profit it produces and the Olympia Dome that holds the festival.[1]


It isn't known when exactly Athletica was formed, but it was presumably after the Olympics had developed into the Technopics.


Purge of TechnopicsEdit

During the Technopics, Athletica put into operation a plan to completely destroy the festival. Taking advantage of the Legitimacy Kingdom attacking an athlete from the Capitalist Corporations, a cover codenamed the Blank (空白化 Kūhakuka), Athletica used camouflaged units to take out the hub controlling the Olympia Dome's unmanned weapons and then used the gap made in the island's security in order to hijack an Oceanic Substation. They then attempted to use the Oceanic Substation's laser, in conjunction with a modified Harpuiai fighter, to launch an attack at one of the four Objects guarding the dome, such that the Elite would mistake it for an attack from another Object and start a firefight between the Objects, with the Olympia Dome caught in the crossfire.[1]

Their plans were ultimately thwarted by Mariydi Whitewitch who shot down Athletica's leader, Ramil Scofflaw, in a Harpuiai dogfight,[2] and then used her own aircraft to stop the laser attack against the Ratri.[3]



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