Asgard (アースガルド Āsugarudo) was a city located in the Northern Restricted Zone.[1][2]


Asgard (from Old Norse Ásgarðr, "Enclosure of the Æsir") is one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology, home to the Aesir.


Before Scandinavia became known as a restricted zone, Asgard was the largest city in the region with 5 million residents.[2]

The city had a Object-type JPlevelMHD reactor which powered the energy infrastructure for the financial district as well as the city defenses. It was surrounded by a powerful anti-air and surface cannon formation with 12 main guns and over 100 others. Thick underground power cables supplied immense power from the reactor to laser beam cannons and railguns attached to the ground through concrete foundations. As a result, Asgard resembled an Object that took the nuke-resistant spherical main body and spread it out into the form of a city.[2]

The city's end came from a massive aerial bombardment, which came without any evacuation warning. The many aerial bombs and SSMS led to the reactor buried deep below ground running out of control, causing a massive explosion which destroyed the largest financial city in Scandinavia.[2]

The fallout and social trauma from the event was too strong for the lie of clean wars to overpower, leading to Objects being banned from Northern Europe and the area being the only place where anti-Object statements are not shut out of the mass media.[2]

In the present day, the ruins bear the scars of the aerial bombardment, with the damage increasing further in towards the middle of the city where the reactor was. There are a few diagonally-titled high-rise buildings remaining on the outer edges and nothing but unrecognizable rubble towards the center.[2]

The city was used by Boy Racer for the background image on the cover of their debut album.[2]


Girl's Fight at an Altitude of 10,000mEdit

Due to her crashed Zig-27 being in the Lævateinn's firing range, Mariydi Whitewitch and Nancy Jolly-Roger approached the ruins of Asgard where it was derailed to silence it, in order to have a chance of recovering the flight recorder.[3][2]


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