The Appetizer Asteroid (アペタイザー小惑星 Apetaizā Shōwakusei) was an asteroid which caused immense devastation to Second Venice.[1]


The asteroid was approximately 500m across.[2]

At some point, the asteroid was discovered by Faires Appetizer, who was offered to have it named after him in exchange for overlooking it.[3] At another point, Kerukeion had the Object Dionysus embedded into the asteroid as part of their plot to devastate Second Venice and gain access to its infection base.[4]


0.01mm WarEdit

In August, the Appetizer Asteroid entered the atmosphere on a collision course for Second Venice, at the same time as the Supernova attack. The Baby Magnum managed to break the asteroid into six pieces, but those pieces still devastated the island and knocked the Object out of action.[1] The Dionysus survived the impact and later attacked the Gatling 033 blockading the island.[5]


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