The Antsiranana District (アンツィラナナ方面 Antsu~iranana Hōmen) is a battlefield country located in Africa, mainly comprised of and commonly referred to as Experimental Battlefield Madagascar (実験戦場マダガスカル Jikken Senjō Madagasukaru).


The Antsiranana District is mainly comprised of the island of Madagascar, located of the eastern coast of Africa and also known as Experimental Battlefield Madagascar. The district has no official affiliation and is a "hot potato" which the four world powers have fought over as a treasure trove for the biological resources business.[1]

In the past, the area was known for its unique and isolated ecosystem, which made it a treasure trove of animals, such as the lemur, Verreaux's sifaka, and ground rollers.[1]


The Three Sisters who Pull In a God of WarEdit

Quenser and Heivia were sent to Madagascar in order to assist the Baby Magnum in destroying the Norn, which was guarding the Faith Organization's plantations, used to produce a drug used in Elite development.[1][2] After the initial attack, there were several battles between the 37th and the Norn's forces on the island until the Norn was eventually destroyed.[3]

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