The Amazon District (アマゾン方面 Amazon Hōmen) is a territory of the Legitimacy Kingdom located in South America.


As its name suggests, a large part of the district is comprised of the Amazon rainforest.

It is also the location of the world's biggest ghost town, Amazon City (アマゾンシティ Amazon Shiti), a mining city set up by the Legitimacy Kingdom to extract resources (including coal, oil, iron, gold, jewels, special plants for medicines, insect extracts etc), which was abandoned due to an encounter with a virus that completely overturned what was known about immunology.[1]

A Legitimacy Kingdom space development base is under construction in the Amazon area, which uses a laser space elevator as its primary launch method.[2]

The Object currently assigned to protect the district is the Forest Roller.[3]


About 20 years ago, the Legitimacy Kingdom set up the Amazon City to mine resources from the jungle, but pulled out after encountering a horrible virus. A while before the present, a research group revisited the site with protective suits but were unable to find any traces of the virus.[1][4]


An Audition WarEdit

Following the loss of the Lisolette, the remnants of the Mass Driver Conglomerate held up within the ruins of the Amazon City, intending to hold out long enough to be able to join up with Information Alliance forces from the neighboring Parima District.[5][4]

The Coming of Third GenerationEdit

The Amazon District was also the site of a royal duel for the throne of the Volga District, the cover for a plot by Dimiksy Nikolaschka to assassinate Staivia Nikolaschka under the guise of an Object duel.[6]


  • Amazon City
  • Lexpop International Airport [7]
  • Flightburg Air Force Base [8]

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