Alisa Martini Sweet
Name in Japanese アリサ=マティーニ=スイート
Rōmaji Translation Arisa Matīni Suīto
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 11
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Relatives Rica Martini Medium (triplet sister)
Orsia Martini Dry (triplet sister)
Classification Officer
Affiliation/s Information Alliance
Martini Series

Alisa Martini Sweet (アリサ=マティーニ=スイート Arisa Matīni Suīto) is a member of the Information Alliance's Martini Series.[1]


As well as a surname, a Martini is a cocktail usually made from vermouth (an aromatized wine) and gin (vodka for some variations), as well as a brand of vermouth. Sweet is one variety of Martini.


Like her sisters, Alisa is a blonde girl wearing a red military uniform meant for parades, though she has a different hairstyle to her siblings. She has the larger bust out of the three.[1]




Dance with Noble SisterEdit

Alisa, her sisters and their handler were present during the events which occurred at the Cape of Good Hope following the deployment of the Laser Cracker 001, in a lifeboat, disguised among the various lifeboats and debris from the wrecked ships.[1][2][3][4][5]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


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