The Alaska District (アラスカ方面 Arasuka Hōmen), or Alaska (アラスカ Arasuka) for short, is a territory of the Legitimacy Kingdom located in North America.


The district extends beyond the former area known as Alaska, into the Arctic. Victoria Island is located in the northern portion of the district.[1] An immigrant residential city is located on the eastern end of the island.[2]


Heavy ObjectEdit

The 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion and its Object, the Baby Magnum, was stationed in the Alaska District. Following an attack made on its base by the Water Strider, Quenser Barbotage and Heivia Winchell managed to destroy it, becoming the first people to destroy an Object without using another Object or nukes. As a result, the 37th were subsequently deployed to other regions together with them.[3][4][5][6]

Global ShadowEdit

Two months after the destruction of the Water Strider, the Baby Magnum fought the Information Alliance's Gatling 033 over the wreckage.[7][8]

The Alaskan Objects were later deployed to intercept the rogue 24th Mobile Maintenance Battalion, but were destroyed by the Indigo Plasma, with the exception of the Baby Magnum,[9] leaving Alaska in a potentially vulnerable position.[10]


  • Victoria Island (ヴィクトリア島 Vu~ikutoria Shima)

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